Buy genuine "beach cast" ambergris. We offer a unique opportunity to purchase genuine ambergris for natural perfumery, culinary applications, as a curio, gift or for personal use.

We offer the finest quality ambergris. Pieces are only selected after a rigorous testing process. We have extensive product knowledge and can assist you to select the most suitable piece for your application. The ambergris is hand collected by dedicated beachcombers from the pristine coastline of New Zealand.

Ambergris is a substance produced only by the sperm whale. It is naturally released by the whale. Ambergris can float in the ocean for many years. The combined action of salt water, waves and sunlight cure the ambergris to a high quality over time. "Beach cast" ambergris is also commonly referred to as “floating gold”.

Although a range of qualities can be found in New Zealand; some of the ambergris which washes up on the New Zealand coastline is of a very high quality. New Zealand's isolation may contribute to the high quality of the ambergris found here. Due to the vastness of the oceans surrounding the country; ambergris can float and cure for many years before reaching shore. It is important to note that no whales are harmed in order to collect the ambergris. The purchase price is USD$29.00 per gram. (Standard shipping is USD$16.00 per order). Assistance with product selection will be provided once your order has been processed.

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Ambergris is not a standardized product. There is a significant difference in quality. If you have some ambergris you wish to sell; the purchase price will depend on our quality assessment. Other factors influencing the price include the quantity offered and current market conditions.

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